Our dedication is to deliver quality edited imagery for dancers with proven ability to capture choreography and dancers with understanding.

Our eisteddfod services are available Australia Wide and we operate at no cost to organisers, our payment comes from those who love what we do.

Your clients will enjoy shopping from home through our secure online facility with a 3 month sales period to purchase via the site. We take care with child protection of imagery by verifying orders before release rather than offering direct download to anyone that pays.

All of our images and videos are edited so clients can take advantage of making special requests when shopping with us as well as appreciate the quality difference.

Our videos can be customized to suit your needs as we do not mix live and also film with multiple cameras. Whether you are a dance teacher whom employs the use of full stage only footage or a soloist who requires a mix of cameras we can provide you with the tools you need to promote and practice.

Take advantage of our 20years experience and cherish our products for a lifetime.

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